Before & After

Reupholstery: Before & After

The following reupholstered items are a few pieces that some of our amazing clients have allowed us to showcase for you. Each image helps to show the before and after difference reupholstery can make to all furniture including couches, sectionals, armchairs, headboards and much more.

before and after french chair upholstery before and after small loveseat before and after vintage sofa upholstery  french chair in zebra print before and after  french chair upholstery in leather before and after  upholstered living room sofa before and after  before and after retro chair upholstery  loveseat before and after  sectional before and after  french chairs before and after  tub chair before and after collage  modern armchairs before and after  before and after antique sofa  french chairs before and after  before and after modern upholstered dining chairs  armchair before and after  antique chair before and after  ottoman before and after  ottoman before and after  armchair upholstery before and after  leather sectional before and after  antique armchair before and after  before and after teak chairs  before and after restaurant booth upholstery  teak chair before and after    Custom dining chair from frame to upholstery  Before and after craigslist office chair find!  before and after antique chanel back chair    before and after sofa and ottoman upholstery antique chanel back sofas salvaged and re-upholstered!

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